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Services for Website Design

Framebox Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of website design services for both small and large businesses. Our team of skilled website designers and seasoned digital marketing professionals create user-friendly business websites and dynamic web applications using the most recent technology and tried-and-true marketing techniques, then market them to increase client reach. Employ our website design developers to create a powerful online presence that will help you succeed.
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Services for Comprehensive Website Design & Development

As a premier website design firm, we guarantee the highest calibre website design service at competitive rates to support the online success of your organisation. Our web developers are skilled at creating and enhancing your online identity, from an educational website for a small business to a feature-rich eCommerce store to enterprise-level custom web application development. Utilize our top-notch web development services to accelerate lead conversions for your company.


Design of eCommerce

As an online merchant, your goal is to turn casual internet shoppers into devoted patrons. As the best website design company in India, we are capable of creating an online store that is optimised using well-liked platforms and frameworks.

Depending on your needs, you can design a shopping cart using a variety of CMS alternatives (including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and WordPress) or in-depth custom programming. Additionally, we offer Website Design services for creating stunning business-to-business (B2B) and  business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplaces.


Website for a small business

Designing and Developing a website may appear extravagant when you’re just starting a business. Let us tell you that in the current digital era, a website is an essential and important component of your company. You must create an incredible digital touchpoint from the start due to the intense market competition.

In order to establish a strategic strategy that directs the creation of an appealing website design, we undertake in-depth research on your business specialty, identify difficulties and opportunities. We may design a single-page application (SPA) or a multi-page website, depending on your needs.


Development of Website Application

User engagement can be easily increased with an interactive web application & our website design and Website development services. Our user-centered online applications have a tonne of features, are simple to use, and work incredibly well.

With a clear understanding of the company objective, we design your web destination and make sure it supports the user’s journey. On all devices, the responsive web applications deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. Our web apps include a robust framework, a sophisticated UI/UX, and a normalised database to provide the best performance.


Design of Corporate Websites

A corporate website desgn needs to show everything, including high-end professionalism, an amazing User Interface and easy usability. Avoid feeling overwhelmed since we are here to help. We create unique and safe websites for major corporations all around the world as a reputable website design company.

As a completely integrated and best web design service provider, we guarantee a high-caliber service with a rapid turnaround time because to our technical expertise, vast experience, an excellent website developer team, regular customer communication, and attention to every detail.

Create a Special Website to Increase Conversions

Beat the Competition by Hiring the Best Website Creators

Setting up a website and then forgetting about it is not the best strategy because of the high expectations of the audience and the intense competition. You have only a few seconds to engage the users’ attention and achieve a competitive edge. It’s essential to make sure that your website offers a fantastic user experience if you don’t want potential customers to leave, visit your competitors’ sites, and boost their sales.

Keep in mind that your website is a crucial component of your company. It should convey the elegance of your brand and compel your target market to trust your enterprise. The results of a cooperative effort are our bespoke website design services. To make sure that the site accurately represents your business, we work closely with prospective clients like you. Contact Us for more details and Our team of knowledgeable website developers can assist you in providing your visitors with a genuinely immersive online experience.

Website Design and Website Development
Domain / Area of Work

We Create Websites for Various Industries

Retail & eCommerce

Healthcare & Pharma

Education & eLearning

Travel & Tourism Industry

Finance & Banking Industry

Technology & Consultancy

Logistics & Transportation

Hospitality & Entertainment

Automobile & Automotive

Fitness & Sports Industry

Real Estate & Property

Food & Beverage Industry

Here’s a quick glimpse at what you can expect from us

Website Maintenance Service

You cannot increase the potential of your organisation with a set-and-forget approach to website creation due to ongoing technological advancements and shifting consumer demands. We provide a comprehensive website maintenance service as a reputable website design & development business to optimise your site’s performance and guarantee that it offers a flawless online experience.

Our proactive in-house website designers can update your website design with the newest technical trends while adhering to industry best practises. With our continuing maintenance service, which includes plugin removal, version upgrades, and a thorough website health check, you can prevent any security breaches. Additionally, your website should expand along with your business. To help you give your users current and correct information, we may update your website’s content, eliminate non-existent products, and change service costs.

Different models of our website maintenance services are available. You can use our affordable service through an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for a routine evaluation and rapid correction of your website, depending on your needs. As needed, we can also provide on-demand maintenance support.

Website Design and Website Maintenance Service

Our features & services in Website Maintenance:

  1. Plugin Update
  2. Website Content Update
  3. Platform Migration
  4. Feature & Functionality Add
  5. Security Check
  6. Speed Optimization

Workflow of a Reputable Website Design Firm

We provide customised end results because each project is different. But being the best website design company in India, we continue to take a precise method to increase the rate of success. Our results-driven, open-door working style has been validated in numerous projects. Use our website builders for a full-service web development solution.
Step 1.


Before beginning the project, we thoroughly investigate the market, analyse the competition, determine the target audience, and ascertain the needs of the customer. This enables us to effectively convey the brand personality across all of the website's elements.

Step 2.


To identify how to make the website as easy to navigate as possible, we begin by designing a user flow map. Following this, wireframing and prototyping establish the project's main structure, functionality, and content. We proceed to the next phase after receiving the clients' permission.

Step 3.


The entire look and feel of the website are decided by the UI design. The greatest colours, visual effects, typography, and animations that complement the brand identity are used by our web designers, who follow the most recent trends. These determine how visitors will view and use your website.

Step 4.


We carefully check the website's codes, features, and functionalities before it goes online. In this approach, we can guarantee that the websites' features and capabilities work flawlessly and provide an excellent user experience (UX).

Step 5.


Hire our seasoned web developers as soon as you need to update any functionality, introduce unique features, or perform complete maintenance. We provide a comprehensive maintenance service that includes security assessments, code backups, and server load monitoring.

We guarantee the following on our websites

Hire the Best Web Developers & Designers

You've come to the right place if you're searching to hire knowledgeable website designers and developers to build a website with amazing looks and functionality.
Excellent UI/UX

Our designs have excellent UI, which yields excellent UX.

Suitable for SEO

Features that boost your website’s search engine ranking are included into our websites.

Adaptive / Responsive Design

All platforms and screen sizes are supported by our designs.

Tidy / Clean coding

According to industry standards, coding is kept clear and optimised.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Designing

Before using our custom website design services, clear up any questions or misunderstandings you may have. A few frequently asked issues about building websites have been addressed by us. However, feel free to contact our specialists if you still have any questions.

What about the website's ownership?

The websites for our clients’ businesses are wholly owned by them. We are merely your joint venture partner in development; you retain full ownership. However, we might showcase the site in our portfolio and use it for advertising purposes. This aids in boosting your website as well.

Exists an NDA policy?

Yes. We carefully abide by the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) policy because we are a reputable web development firm. We will enter into a contract with you prior to beginning your project, and we’ll uphold data confidentially throughout the entire process as well as after. Your information is secure with us.

Is a PWA available to you?

Yes, we create Progressive Web Applications as well (PWA). This cutting-edge technology, which combines the best features of conventional websites and mobile applications, is highly sought after by modern enterprises. With these in place, you can offer your users a very immersive experience through the usage of offline accessibility, faster loading times, and push alerts.

Is it possible to view the website when it is still under construction?

It is, indeed. We collaborate closely with our clients and welcome their insightful criticism. We will give you a username and secret code during the development process so you can check in and see how your ongoing project is going.

Exist any hidden expenses?

In no way. We are proud of our honesty and sincerity. Before beginning the project, we go over all fees and costs with you. Additionally, our websites are very scalable. Therefore, we will carefully and openly make arrangements for it even if you wish to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then add additional features and functionalities later.

What is the price of creating a website?

The price of developing a website is influenced by several different aspects. The complexity of the site, the platform used for development (WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Custom Coded, etc.), the amount of pages and languages needed, the features and functionality required, and other factors will all play a role. Generic and pre-made templates keep costs down, whereas unique designs raise them. Every website we create at Framebox Consultancy is specific to the clients’ company, allowing them to stand out from the competitors. For an idea of how much web development will cost, feel free to look through our price list, or get in touch with us directly with your project for a FREE estimate.

Will the search engine display the website?

We adhere to all SEO best practises while creating websites, whether they be for businesses, custom applications, or eCommerce solutions, and we produce websites that are extremely SEO-friendly and comply with the most recent search engine algorithms. However, in order to rank highly on search engines, you must use specialised search engine optimization services. The level of competition in your industry will determine the scope and duration of your SEO efforts. To increase traffic to your website and improve leads and conversions, you may also take use of our digital marketing services.

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