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For your company, Framebox Consultancy provides top-notch, result-driven digital marketing services. Our Google certified professionals offer innovative and adaptable marketing strategies, from organic approaches to paid advertising, to ensure that you experience the desired business growth. Our Digital Marketing Service methods will make sure that you build your brand, reach more people, and produce real business leads – all at affordable costs. They do this with the aid of SEO, SMO, PPC, and other tools.
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Here are a few of our main services of Digital Marketing

Our Customized Services for Digital Marketing

Framebox Consultancy can assist you as it has assisted hundreds of firms in expanding their online / digital clientele. Our digital marketing specialists can develop strategic plans for your brand that are sure to increase ROI.

Search engine optimization or SEO

By obtaining a higher rank in SERPs, organic SEO significantly contributes to increasing traffic to your website. Our SEO specialists concentrate on ensuring that the architecture of your website complies with the most recent search engine algorithms. Tactical SEO services like strategic content marketing, backlinking, and keyword optimization help us achieve short-term success while also fostering long-term development for your business.



Paid advertising on Google and Facebook produces immediate leads when promoting new products or profitable deals. Therefore, we recommend our top-notch PPC management services for a wider and quicker market penetration. Your company can reach a larger audience and increase sales by using optimised search advertisements, display ads, shopping ads, and remarketing methods by subscribing to our Digital Marketing services.


eCommerce Digital Marketing

Additionally, we provide specialist digital marketing services for eCommerce. Targeting users based on their interests and prior interactions is one of our eCommerce SEO strategies. We design and implement search ads, display ads, social media ads, retargeting, and other paid eCommerce marketing strategies. Both B2B and B2C companies may increase user awareness of their brands with the aid of our comprehensive eCommerce digital marketing.


Services for Content Marketing

Content that is well-written enhances conversion potential as well as brand exposure. A group of passionate content creators and digital marketing experts that work as part of our content marketing services curate blogs, infographics, videos, etc. for your company. This tactic guarantees effective link building for your website, improves your search engine exposure, and ensures that more people will find you. Subscribe to our digital marketing services.


Social media marketing (SMM)

In order to attract users’ attention and meet your branding objectives, our comprehensive digital and social media marketing services comprise creating and disseminating material in the form of words, photographs, and videos on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. To draw viewers, we create imaginative and location-based paid advertising. We guarantee quality traffic to your website and app by using appropriate hashtags and pertinent filtering.


Marketing for Mobile Apps

Our all-encompassing strategy for mobile app marketing raises brand recognition and encourages additional downloads. Our professionals provide excellent app store optimization services to increase your app’s organic discoverability since they are adept at keeping up with the most recent developments in Google Play and Apple App Store algorithms. We can design paid ad strategies to advertise your software on app stores and social media platforms and increase your reach quickly.



Videos have emerged as a highly efficient marketing tool for building brand awareness, boosting conversions, and influencing consumer behaviour on social media and online. To reach your target audiences, build brand awareness, enhance traffic, and increase sales, through our digital marketing services and video marketing services we can produce a wide range of visually appealing films, including product videos, testimonial videos, informational videos, and others.


Services for Local SEO

Before enhancing your internet presence in a particular area, our effective SEO specialists conduct in-depth demographic analysis. Our local SEO services not only help to increase foot traffic to your business but also help to increase your brand’s presence in geo-targeted search. Through our digital marketing services, we can optimise your keywords according to the target location, list your company in various business directories, create and maintain a Google My Business page, and verify your NAP.

Any business or objective, we accomplish it and do it well!

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Over 5 billion people utilise the internet worldwide today, making up more than 63% of the world’s population. The internet is a crowded environment with many websites competing for users’ attention at the same time. How do you make sure your brand stands out and grabs attention, then?

Here’s where we step in. We take pleasure in our digital marketing skills as an established digital marketing agency in India. Our digital marketing services are supported by a flexible methodology, updated skill sets, affordable pricing, and more than 15+ years of experience. We can ensure that your firm has a competitive advantage with our digital marketing services that are specifically designed for you.

Organic & Paid Digital Marketing Services
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How we process our Digital Marketing Services and its activities

Workflow of an Digital Marketing Agency - Focused on Results

Market Research

We perform a thorough analysis of the trends, rivals, target markets, and commercial prospects in your domain. You may maximise your digital marketing efforts with the support of our data-driven methodology.


We choose the best digital marketing plan for you that will undoubtedly result in increased conversions and in turn increase your business. This aids us in creating an online brand presence for you that is optimal.


We develop a campaign that strongly reflects your brand aesthetics and significantly impacts audiences by working together with your business insights and our digital marketing services knowledge.

Track Efficacy

We continually assess our marketing initiatives to spot opportunities & develop more effective campaigns in the future. Be confident with our digital marketing services that we will protect your ROI high.

Digital Marketing Services and its reach

Results-driven India's Digital Marketing Services

Global Public

Your brand and company can reach people worldwide with the aid of our internet marketing services. You can choose and market to as many different customer bases as you want with our customised digital marketing services.

Expanding Media

Digital media is unquestionably outpacing traditional media in terms of popularity as attention spans get shorter and information becomes more readily available. Our methods and offerings provide you the most exposure possible while being future-proof.

Competitive Benefit

When it comes to marketing budgets and customer bases, smaller businesses frequently struggle to compete with larger, more well-known brands. But with digital marketing, the possibilities for your business are endless.

Build Up a Buzz

More individuals are exposed to your brand and your company as your internet presence expands. The buzz you generate and the activities you performs can also persuade viewers who weren’t intended to see your advertisements to buy from you.

Low prices

The cost of digital marketing is much lower than that of conventional marketing strategies. You might expect a substantial rise in your ROI with just a few dollars. Depending on the demands of your company, you can further control your spending.

Measurable Outcomes

Your digital marketing campaign’s many metrics, including the amount of impressions, visits, cost per conversion, and more, can all be tracked. To chart out ongoing development, we assess each of these results.

With over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Framebox Consultancy is a recognised digital marketing company in India. Our wide range of internet and digital marketing services enables your company to rank well on search engine results pages and raises consumer awareness of your brand through numerous social media platforms and other online distribution channels. For a strong online identity, get in touch with us right now!

Regardless of size, every business specialty should make use of digital marketing.

Sectors affected by our Internet and Digital Marketing Services

We include the following domains in our digital marketing services and solutions:

Retail & eCommerce

Education & eLearning

Hospitality & Entertainment

Travel & Tourism

Sports & Fitness

Technology & Consultancy

Logistics & Transportation

Real Estate

Food & Beverage

Digital Marketing

We create distinctive tactics as a top digital marketing company in India to raise awareness of your goods and services. Higher conversions are guaranteed by our efficient remarketing methods for social media and search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing

We value honesty and integrity as a leading digital marketing agency in India. Before using our digital marketing services, any questions you could have will be answered by our knowledgeable SEO, SMO, and PPC experts and specialists. To the best of our ability, we have answered a few frequently asked questions below. Please read them, and if you still have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
How Do You Begin?

With us, getting started is completely hassle-free. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, or the contact form. Just that. As soon as possible, one of our digital marketing consultants will contact you to discuss your needs, address all of your questions, and, with your approval, begin the necessary steps.

What is the price for your services?

Every company is different and has its own set of needs. We focus on providing you with long-lasting results with our result-driven digital marketing services. As a result, we only develop a strategy for you after carefully studying your company, its target market, and the competition. We simply don’t do circling the drain! Contact us today with your ideas to get a precise budget.

Inbound marketing: What is it?

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, opt-in email marketing, and social media marketing (SMM) are all examples of inbound marketing techniques that help clients find you when they need you. Here, the campaigning efforts are measurable, unlike outbound marketing (TV ads, print advertisements, sales calls, etc.). While inbound marketing concentrates on luring potential customers in, outbound marketing pushes a brand’s offerings outward.

Do I Have to Spend Money on Every Social Media Channel?

There is no one social media marketing strategy that works for everyone. The best social media platform for you will differ depending on your industry and target market. You don’t need to waste money on Pinterest if the majority of your target audience is on LinkedIn. To get the most out of your investment and learn which platform is best for your social media marketing efforts, speak with one of our digital marketing specialists.

Which services related to digital marketing are typically needed?

This is dependent on the clients’ unique business needs. It is preferable to use PPC services if one has recently built a website or presented new goods or services to the market to increase visibility right away. SEO is the finest option for organic traffic and ranking increase that is gradual but constant. Additionally, a well-planned SMO programme aids in building a solid online presence on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Remarketing and email marketing are useful for attracting visitors and bringing back bounced traffic to your website or app.

What Does Digital Marketing Offer?

Digital marketing is of utmost importance in the modern digital age. It has both short-term and long-term utility. It can assist new businesses in gaining immediate awareness and exposure (via PPC adverts) as well as generating slow but consistent organic traffic (through SEO activities). Through retargeting, push notifications, or email marketing, bounced traffic can also be redirected. Using digital marketing effectively can increase brand awareness.

How can I collaborate with a competent digital marketing firm?

Consider a number of variables before hiring a digital marketing agency for your project, including the scope of services, team size, certifications, price, prior work experience, etc. Share your needs with the professionals in digital marketing, and see what they have to offer.

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